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Inspiration Delivered to Your Door by Debbie McNeill
31 October, 2014

Happy Halloween - 10 ways to stay safe

Happy Halloween. I love the tradition of Halloween. Although I might be a bit too old to go out Trick-or-treat, I still can eat oodles of candy. This was my Halloween card this year.

Can you believe this card came from this stamp set?

I know - it is so versatile isn't it? The stamp set is called Holiday Home and it's only $15.95. It has a matching die set as well so no fussy cutting required. Can't wait to show you what I am making with it for Christmas.

But I digress. This post is about Halloween and some tips to have a safe and happy haunting. The history of Halloween may be rooted in fear and scaring away the evil doers with tricks, but that doesn’t have to be how you celebrate it. In modern times, it is about having a little fright, a little candy, and a lot of fun. I don't want to spoil that for generations to come.

Keeping it safe is everyone’s responsibility so let's take a look at how to stay safe while having fun during Halloween. So here are my rules I've had written in my photobook as a reminder:

Trick-or-treat during daylight hours – Nighttime is scarier but it is also a time of greater safety risk. If you have small children, start your journey around the neighborhood well before dark. This ensures that you will be on the home stretch as the sun goes down.

Drive the route – If kids want to go out after dark, chauffeur them around in your car from house to house. Small legs won’t get tired and you can keep tabs better.

Stay on the doorstep - When kids go out in groups, remind them not to step any further into the home than the front step. Even friendly looking neighbors may be strangers and precautions need to be taken. You can not be sure your friendly neighbor is the one home to answer the door.

Examine all candy first – Before the first piece is eaten, inspect all wrappers for pin holes and any candy that is half wrapped or not wrapped at all. Discard any candy that looks homemade unless you got it from someone you know well.

Don't forget to carry flashlights – Kids and teens that go out at night should be aware of possible dangers such as obstacles in yards and potholes in streets. Stick to the sidewalks, but if you do have to cross the grass, use a flashlight to guide you away from potential hazards.

Use good judgment – When out with a group of friends, the goal is safety and fun. If they want to egg people’s cars and homes, toilet paper trees, or any other mischief, don't go along with them. Parents and kids should talk this through before the big night so you already have a plan in place to resist peer pressure.

Stick to sidewalks – Even in your neighborhood, sidewalks is safer than walking in the road. Take a route where you face traffic so you can get out of the way of oncoming cars.

Use lights for pumpkins – It is eerie to use a candle but they can fall over and catch something on fire. Especially for parties, use flickering battery-operated bulbs for jack-o-lanterns and window illumination.

Wear costumes with full movement and vision – Oh, I know those masks are cute, but if they obstruct your child's peripheral vision, don't let them wear it. The same goes for tight dresses that restrict walking. If your child is in danger of tripping or not seeing oncoming traffic, choose a different costume.

Wear light colored costumes – Choose a costume with glitter, sparkle, and light colors for trick-or-treating. You may even want to attach some reflective tape to your child's costume. You may be watching for cars and assume the car coming sees you because you see it. That's an assumption that can not and should not be made.

Enjoy the holiday but remember that staying safe is the first priority. Once you're safe, you can start having fun!

21 October, 2014

Weekly Deals for Oct 21-27

This weeks weekly deals at http://store.TheInspirationClub.com" href="http://store.TheInspirationClub.com" http://store.TheInspirationClub.com

07 October, 2014

Halloween Monster Munchies

You know what is great about the Stampin' Up! digital downloads? Immediate Satisfaction. That's right. You can purchase, download, import into Microsoft Word, print, punch, and enjoy in a matter of minutes. And I'm thrilled to announce that the Monster Munchies Ensemble - Digital Download is on sale this week only. Normally $12.95, now only $7.77.

Download includes:
* double-sided postcard designer template: invitation (3-1/2" x 5")
* 3-page décor designer template: treats, coaster (8-1/2" x 11")
* 14-piece SVG stamp brush set
* 16 embellishments
* 7 Designer Series Papers

Notice the long skinny bands. They are perfect for wrapping little chocolate treats.

The circles are great for cupcake toppers.

The squares are spooky labels for dishes at your party. But can also be used as treat toppers too or a banner. Yes, that's right. Our SVGs can be made large for banners or small for name tags. That's the beauty of digital.

Coordinating colors: Basic Black, Basic Gray, Crumb Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Summer Starfruit, and Very Vanilla.

I forgot to mention that once your purchase a download from me, the item is kept in your account. So no matter how many times you lost the files on your computer, crash computer, or get a new computer. I'll have a way for you to easily download it again. Lickity split!


05 October, 2014

Wonderful Wreath Card

Project 1: Wonderful Wreath Card

There's no place like home for the holidays - frosted window panes gently reflecting in the soft glow of twinkling Christmas lights. A festive wreath hung on the door. Children pressing their noses up against the chilly glass to get a peek at the falling snow. This Wonderful Wreath card bundles up all of those cozy holiday feelings in an envelope and warms those who open it with your holiday wishes.

Project 1: Wonderful Wreath Card

Project 1: Wonderful Wreath Card

Project 1: Wonderful Wreath Card

Here is another card using the same Wondrous Wreath Stamp Set Bundles

Project 2: Alternate Wreath Card

Project 2: Alternate Wreath Card

Today I have a video to share. You can watch the product video by clicking on the video below.


Wonderful Wreath Framelits & Wondrous Wreath Stamp Set bundle
Wonderful Wreath Framelits & Wondrous Wreath Stamp Set bundle

1" Square Punch

The holidays are just around the corner and I have a special series available just for you. This is one of the 12 Holiday Helper Projects that will not only put you in the holiday mood, but help you enjoy a handcrafted holiday season. With each email mailing, you will be able to download a step-by-step tutorial that shows you exactly how to recreate this project. But you can only receive these projects by joining my special Holiday Helper mailing list, so watch for a sign-up soon!

01 October, 2014

Wonderful You

Hello Awesome One. When I saw this newly-released stamp set I let out a scream of glee. It scared my husband almost out of his car seat. We were driving back from San Francisco to see our daughter. It's a 12-hour drive so after a while we got a little bored but I woke him up with my scream. Don't get me wrong - we had a great time visiting the Redwood Park and stopping at the last In-n-Out Burger in Redding. But still - it's 12 hour drive so there were times I was perusing the internet on my phone. Anyway, I often go to the New Arrivals section of my site to see what goodies Stampin' Up! has offered up. And there it was - the perfect stamp set.

You've got lots of wonderful people in your life, and the You're Wonderful Photopolymer Stamp Set will help you tell them so! It has 18-pieces in the set which gives you tons of options to help you match the perfect sentiment with the occasion and recipient of your choice.

This stamp is only sold as a Photopolymer stamp set. Photopolymer stamps are quite different from traditional wood-mount and clear-mount rubber stamps. What are Photopolymer stamps? Photopolymer stamps are completely clear stamps created from photopolymer plastic. Photopolymer stamps are ideal for 2 and 3-Step layered stamping and for greetings because you can see where you are stamping to get neat placement of stamped images.

Click Here to learn 4 things every stamper should know about photopolymer stamps.

Don't you just love this stamp set! Sure it will take some fussy-cutting on the banner but it is SO worth it. I won't get the stamp set in time for My Way this saturday but come and see some other great cards you can make for only $2.

30 September, 2014

Weekly Deals 9/30-10/6

Another fabulous set of Weekly Deals this week and a great sale going on at my Stampin' Up! store. Check it out at http://store.debbiestamper.biz." href="http://store.debbiestamper.biz." http://store.debbiestamper.biz.

16 September, 2014

Photopolymer Stamps

Photopolymer stamps are quite different from traditional wood-mount and clear-mount rubber stamps. Here's 4 things every stamper should know about photopolymer stamps.

Class in a Flash - Things Everyone Should Know About Photopolymer Stamps

1: What are Photopolymer stamps? Photopolymer stamps are completely clear stamps created from photopolymer plastic. Photopolymer stamps are ideal for 2 and 3-Step layered stamping and for greetings because you can see where you are stamping to get neat placement of stamped images.

Class in a Flash -  4 Things You Should Know About Photopolymer Stamps

2: About Stampin’ Up! Photopolymer stamps Photopolymer stamps come packaged in the DVD-sized clear-mount stamp cases. The stamp images are on the case cover and on the inner plastic sheets to help you know that you have all the stamps from the set returned to the box. Photopolymer stamps, like clear-mount stamps, are used with acrylic blocks. Photopolymer is sticky and easily clings to the acrylic blocks.

Class in a Flash -  4 Things You Should Know About Photopolymer Stamps

3: How to use photopolymer stamps Clean new photopolymer stamps with Stampin’ Mist and the Stampin’ Scrub to remove residue left behind from the manufacturing process. Attach photopolymer stamps to clear acrylic blocks. Gently ink stamps and then stamp with even pressure. Because photopolymer stamps don’t have the foam layer found on Clear-Mount and Wood-Mount stamps that help create an evenly stamped image, it is important to apply even pressure when stamping. If photopolymer stamps get dusty or lose their stickiness they can be washed with mild soap and water. StazOn cleaner can be used to clean off StazOn ink but it is important to remove all StazOn cleaner residue after cleaning.

Class in a Flash -  4 Things You Should Know About Photopolymer Stamps

4: Storage Store photopolymer stamps in their DVD-style stamp case between the two acetate sheets they come on. One of the sheets is printed with the stamp images for easy storage. Store indoors and out of direct sunlight. TIP: Attach the acetate sheet with the printed image side face down inside the stamp case with Sticky Strip. This helps you keep the stamps together and also prevents you from lifting the ink off the printed side of the acetate sheet with the sticky photopolymer stamps if you accidentally stick them on the wrong side of the sheet. The other trick I do is slip the acetate sheet in between the case and the outside cover. Try it!

Class in a Flash -  4 Things You Should Know About Photopolymer Stamps

09 September, 2014

Weekly Deals Sept 9-15

Hello awesomeness. I'm hanging out in San Francisco, visiting one of our daughters. We drove down so that we could stop by and see the Redwood Trees, which I had not done before. Another check off my bucket list.

The Redwood National Park and assorted area state parks are home to some of the world's tallest trees. But there is also miles of dramatic coastline, mountains, rolling sand dunes, wetlands, rivers, even shimmering blue lagoons going down Hwy 101. We took a couple of hikes thru the majestic old-growth coast redwoods - some of them as old as two thousand years. We stayed at the historice Requa Inn which is inside the forest and owned by tribal members who were gracious and full of information. The Inn is operated like a B&B where you receive breakfast in the morning at a shared table. We also took part in the gourmet dinner too. Did I mention our toast in the morning was freshly baked? The rooms themselves were "historic" but comfortable enough. I highlighly recommend if you want to see the Redwoods to visit Requa Inn, Stout Grove, Lady Bird Johnson Grove.

Before I head off to the Wood Tavern to celebrate our future son-in-laws Job Promotion I wanted to share with you this week's Weekly Deals. Scroll down to see a project using one of the products on sale this week.


What'S Up Punch Item # 133781
Regular Price: $16.95
Discounted Price: $12.71

2" Circle Punch Item # 133782
Regular Price: $16.95
Discounted Price: $12.71

Sweet Treat Embellishment Cups Item # 116802
Regular Price: $2.95
Discounted Price: $2.21

Dazzling Diamonds Stampin' Glitter Item # 133751
Regular Price: $4.95
Discounted Price: $3.71

Blushing Bride Baker'S Twine Item # 134577
Regular Price: $2.95
Discounted Price: $2.21

Modern Mosaic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder Item # 129984
Regular Price: $7.95
Discounted Price: $5.96

Hexagon Punch Item # 130919
Regular Price: $15.95
Discounted Price: $11.96

World Traveler Photobook Template - Digital Download Item # 130066
Regular Price: $17.95
Discounted Price: $10.77

09 September, 2014

Sweet Treat Embellishment Cups Project

This is a project I did a couple of years ago. This card is a fun on to give to kids of all ages. I like how you can include a little sumthing special in the cups. You can fill the Treat Cups with small candy, punched hearts, mini toys or even jewelry. I once included a small toy car of the model my husband wanted to get. It was a real treat - cause he ain't getting the "real" one anytime soon.

1. Gather supplies listed. Score 4-1/4” x 11” Pink Pirouette card stock at 5-1/2” along the 11” side.

2. Measure 1-1/2” in from 2-3/4” edge of 2-3/4” x 4-1/4” Chocolate Chip card stock. Mark center of strip. Center 1-3/4” Circle punch on the mark and spaced evenly from side to side on 2-3/4” edge. Layer punched Chocolate Chip card stock over 2-3/4” x 4-1/4” Real Red card stock. Trace punched circle. Punch out traced area with 1-3/4” Circle punch.

3. Lay Real Red card stock across Pink Pirouette card front 1-1/4” from top edge with punched circle on the left edge. Mark center of circle with a pencil.

4. Center 1” Circle punch on the mark on the Pink Pirouette card front and punch out.

5. Punch Chocolate Chip card stock. Slide card stock to the left or right, line up with the guide printed on the punch and punch again.

6. Slide card stock over and repeat punching. Flip card stock around and repeat steps to punch the other 4-1/4” edge.

7. Adhere scalloped Chocolate Chip layer to the 2-3/4” x 4-1/4” Real Red card stock. Line up layers so the 1-3/4” punched holes line up neatly. Adhere layers with SNAIL.

8. Punch Red Glimmer Paper and Pink Pirouette scrap card stock with the Small Heart punch. Punch 2” x 3” scrap Whisper White card stock with Round Tab Punch. Fold punched tab in half.

9. Flip over layered Chocolate Chip and Real Red card stock. Wrap 2” piece of Real Red 5/8” Satin Ribbon around center of narrow edge of the punched circle. Adhere ends with SNAIL, trim off excess ribbon. Make sure SNAIL is under the ribbon and not exposed where it will catch the tag later.

10. Wrap the 4” piece of Real Red 5/8” Satin Ribbon around the center of the wider edge of the punched circle. Adhere ends with SNAIL, making sure SNAIL is under the ribbon only.

11. Flip card stock layers over again. With the card stock in the landscape position and the Circle Treat Cup on the right, add Sticky Strip to the left, bottom and right edges. Add a 1” piece of Sticky Strip to the top left edge. (Sticky Strip shown above in black).

12. Adhere layers about 1-1/4” from top edge of card front using the Stick Strip. Make sure the Circle Treat Cup is on the left and lined up over the 1” punched hole, it doesn’t have to be centered.

13. Slide the tag under the Real Red layer above the Circle Treat Cup.

14. Slide a 5” Real Red 5/8” Satin Ribbon under the ribbon to the right of the Treat Cup. Tie a single simple knot. Slide a 5” Chocolate Chip 1/2" Scallop Dot Ribbon to the right of the first knotted ribbon. Tie a single simple knot.

15. Slide Chocolate Chip tag out from under the Treat Cup. Open the card and fill the Treat

02 September, 2014

Weekly Deals Sept 2-8

It's another Tuesday. Every Tuesday Stampin' Up! releases Weekly Deals - savings you don't want to miss. This week you can pick up reinkers for the 2013-2015 In Color. Trust me, if you love Strawberry Slush, you'll want the reinker.

I'm excited to see the Clay on special as well. Did you know you can make your own ornaments with our clay? Let me show you how.

Stampin' Up! Clay Tutorial